AFS FreightLink

AFS FreightLink is our specialised and custom-designed freight management solution designed to support multi-carrier requirements and freight accounts in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

A fully integrated software solution, AFS FreightLink is tailored to meet the unique requirements of any business.

AFS will actively collaborate with clients to ensure that AFS FreightLink provides solutions for control, management and growth. AFS will also actively explore user ideas and initiatives, and implement as appropriate.

Implementation of AFS FreightLink onsite enables:

  • Rigorous audits and analysis of freight costs and supply chain logistics
  • Consolidation of logistics management and freight needs to free up valuable resources
  • Full end to end implementation of recommended strategies
  • Ongoing support


  • AFS FreightLink - Software Solutions

    A fully integrated software solution, AFS FreightLink is tailored to meet the unique requirements of any business. It is:

    • fast
    • efficient
    • cost effective

    AFS FreightLink empowers clients to understand their freight and supply chain needs while ensuring they can drive costs down, sustain efficiencies and manage their entire freight process. Cost savings flow-on into the supply chain, and directly to the bottom line.

    AFS FreightLink consolidates the entire freight management process into one, easily accessible software solution. Implementation onsite is easy, while the hardware requirements are minimal. The system will also expand and change with your needs as required.

    Users with a diverse range of needs or assignments can quickly and easily locate the function or program they require in a few simple steps.


    AFS FreightLink is:

    • Fast
    • Reliable
    • Comprehensive
    • Customisable
    • Scalable
    • Implemented onsite (client’s premises)
    • Easy to use


  • AFS FreightLink Functionality:

    • Enables review of the full range of carrier options and selection of the most appropriate freight company, based on business drivers and consignment type
    • Minimises human error through automated labels, connotes and data files – thereby maximising productivity and efficiency
    • Enables a complete tracking solution offering full visibility and control of 3rd party despatched items, and the full spectrum of freight carrier branches and distribution centres.
    • Flags and highlights POD details and delivery confirmation via online carrier track and trace networks
    • Enables real time cost allocations and reconciliations across the entire organisation - branches, business units and warehouses
    • Provides transparency and visibility across the business supply chain, and ultimately the ability to plan for change and respond to issues as they arise


  • AFS FreightLink software will:

    • Streamline despatch through one system
    • Generate meaningful reports/data
    • Automate carrier choice/shipments
    • Reduce/eliminate the need for laborious data entry
    • Interface with a range of electronic weight scales
    • Automate manual consignments
    • Automate email shipping advice
    • Provide a scanning/tracking solution
    • Simplify Controlled Returns with inbuilt returns processing functionality