Customer Service

AFS's ability to respond quickly and efficiently to your freight management and supply chain challenges is achieved through our expertise and the full spectrum of internal resources.

Our freight management services are backed by an impressive and sophisticated Customer Service and Call Centre located at our headquarters in Niddrie, Victoria. Our Customer Service Team operates with a sense of urgency at all times, and provides you with a single point of contact for all of your freight management needs and enquiries.


  • We go over and above - really

    The way an organisation’s people think and behave, can often spell the difference between mediocrity and excellence. We believe that going over and above for clients is an attitude and behaviour underpinned by effort, energy, passion and integrity. This difference is reflected in our freight management services, which not only attest to the level of commitment and determination not commonly seen in the standard freight broker or project-based freight consultant. This provides a very clear demarcation between AFS and the rest.







  • Our Experience

    Our Customer Service Team’s unrivalled depth and breadth of experience in freight management and related customer service, is impressive. The team is fully trained and versed in all service areas and can assist with everything from pre-alert, tracking and tracing, to POD retrieval.

    How much time would this save you?

  • Our Connections

    We go directly to the source – the carriers – to ensure your enquiries are answered quickly and efficiently. This is possible because of our long-established connections with many significant freight carriers and our entrenched position in the industry.

  • Our Services

    The centralisation of all of your enquiries - through one singular point for all carriers - is possible through our unrivalled software and systems technologies, and a comprehensive range of internal procedures and protocols that enable service of the highest quality.

    • Delivery Tracking
    • CRM database management
    • Delivery Reporting
    • ETA Information
    • POD
    • Event Recording
    • Speed to Resolution
    • Error reporting
    • Email confirmation
    • Flood and roll over broadcast
    • Industry Updates
    • Information cross-referenced in different areas of the system
  • Our Clients

    AFS clients are those who expend significant resources on their freight and supply chain.

    Clients include some of Australia’s best known brands, many with complex and diverse supply chain needs, as well as medium-sized organisations experiencing rapid and remarkable growth. Whether large or medium, all understand that survival in this increasingly competitive world of business demands astute business acumen, along with systems' processes that can be sustained over time.

    AFS is proud of the trusting relationships it enjoys with its clients. AFS...delivering beyond your expectations

  • A Sense of Urgency

    Our genuine commitment to go above and beyond is reflected in a number of mantras for the manner in which we approach your business.

    One such mantra is a "sense of urgency" that applies to our customer response times. It is also reflected in the rigorous audits we perform on your freight costs and service, empowering you through knowledge, while enabling us to respond quickly and efficiently to the issues at hand.

    With such focussed attention to detail, we assure you of personalised solutions that dovetail with your ever-changing needs.




S. Cooper | Clarion National Warehouse & Distribution Manager
"Our company Clarion Australia has used AFS over the past 15 years to consult, advise, cost, and manage all of our freight requirements over this period, and will continue to do so as long as possible..."