Reporting & Billing Services

Knowledge is Power.

Controlling your freight costs is vital.

One of the biggest concerns plaguing business today is the inability to generate information that helps measure performance against a range of key performance indicators specific to the freight management and supply chain.

Our Reporting and Billing service includes dedicated KPI and Financial Reports that provide accurate and timely information on your freight costs and performance, giving you more strength and power. It also includes invoice vetting and consolidation – so that you receive a single but accurate invoice.

We’ll customise the Reports to suit your needs:

An integral part of our comprehensive freight management service is the provision of meaningful weekly and monthly reports. These reports give you an analysis of your freight costs broken up into various components, as well as each Carrier’s performance. Knowing your freight financial, as well as your own delivery performance, puts you firmly in the picture.

We have a selection of reporting graphs and data templates that can be customised specifically for your reporting needs and purposes. We can even create new templates, as required.

Report the facts through meaningful weekly and monthly Reports.

Receive just one, consolidated invoice!


  • AFS Reports

    • KPI Reporting- service error measurement
    • DIFOT Reporting - (Delivery In Full On Time)
    • Reporting – freight costs
    • Invoice Consolidation – a single invoice

    DID YOU KNOW that Carriers commonly make billing mistakes and cannot always explain those erroneous charges?

    That’s where we come in. We will uncover the errors and take the pain out of freight cost and performance management using our auditing expertise, long-standing connections in the freight industry and our FreightLink software solution.

    We’ll Monitor and Review Your Freight Costs and Performance.

    Our account managers will closely monitor and regularly review your freight costs, freight trends and freight performance with a view to helping you to reduce costs and provide better service.

  • Performance KPIs

    These measurements drive high levels of performance, and accurately capture your carriers’ service provision to you and in turn your service provision to your customers.

    We will then set performance KPIs with each freight provider to suit your requirements and will use these KPI’s as a baseline measurement to help manage, monitor and report on each provider’s performance.

  • DIFOT Reporting

    Delivery In Full On Time (DIFOT) is considered by many businesses to be one of the more important KPI’s in the supply chain.

    Our DIFOT reporting service will provide you with accurate information on how often you and your customers receive the goods or services you require, truly measuring delivery time frames promised on every consignment. It will also capture failures such as damage, split deliveries and Proof of Delivery capture.

  • FreightLink Reporting

    We utilise data captured by AFS FreightLink – our unique and customisable software that is installed onsite, at your premises.

    AFS Freightlink has a large suite of reports accessed by an easy to use and flexible search engine used to retrieve any data in any format that may be required.

  • Financial Reporting

    Putting you firmly in the picture

    We provide a full suite of timely and efficient management reports to help identify trends and variances in costs and service. This will give you ready access to detailed analysis reports and real time transport data.

    These reports allow wise and informed decisions for transformational change in your supply chain in the pursuit of service enhancement to you, and your customers.

    Imagine if you could see your freight costs and expenditure broken down into each important component.

    Our Financial Reports will give you accurate and timely information on your freight expenditure by carrier and service, and more:

    • Consolidated number of consignments
    • Consolidated freight cost analysis
    • Cost analysis by carrier
    • Connote analysis by carrier
    • Number of consignments by carrier
    • And more... 

    Click here for examples of all of our Financial Reports.

  • Invoice Consolidation and Vetting

    Freight cost discrepancies, errors, erroneous charges and trends that are eating your profits or threaten to, will be a thing of the past. We will provide fast and efficient identification of:

    • rate errors including discount rates
    • billing duplication
    • errors in commodity classification
    • overcharges on schedule & ancillary rates
    We provide holistic services for every consignment note.

    All of our carriers are consolidated onto one invoice. This is provided electronically in PDF and CSV formats making it easier to upload to your own supply chain or financial applications.

    One of the major benefits of our invoice service is our ability to claim credits against the carriers for incorrect charges submitted, before the invoice reaches you!

    Our service includes:

    • All carriers’ invoices consolidated onto one invoice
    • As per the agreed signed rate card, all rates are loaded into the AFS invoicing system ensuring the correct rate is charged on every movement - eliminates time wasted on checking invoices
    • Credits claimed against carriers for incorrect charges before the invoice reaches you
    • Validation of each and every consignment charge
    • Assistance provided throughout - from Pre Alert to POD